Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Amazon set to acquire Whole Foods in $13.7bn deal

Amazon has purchased Whole Foods in a potentially game-changing move into the traditional retail market

Thermo Fisher acquires Patheon for $7.2bn

Scientific instruments maker Thermo Fisher has acquired a Dutch drug company in new push towards biopharma manufacturing

Sinclair buys Tribune Media for $3.9bn

Sinclair’s new acquisition of Tribune Media will create a company that covers most of the US broadcasting market

AT&T places $1.6bn bet on 5G

AT&T has bought Straight Path Communications for $1.6bn in a huge bet on 5G technology

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Grupo Mexico acquires US railway for $2.1bn

Grupo Mexico has announced plans to acquire Florida East Coast Railway Holdings for $2.1bn, in spite of NAFTA concerns

BAT takeover of Reynolds American set to create market-leading behemoth

British American Tobacco has agreed a $49.4bn takeover deal with Reynolds American, making it the world’s largest listed tobacco company

Alibaba’s deal for Intime opens door to retail integration in China

Alibaba has amalgamated online and offline retail operations in China, settling a multi-billion-dollar privatisation deal with Intime Retail

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Chinese merger set to create world’s second-largest steelmaker

Chinese steel giant Baosteel looks set to take over smaller rival Wuhan, as China seeks to overhaul its struggling steel industry

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Bayer completes record-breaking $66bn takeover of Monsanto

The multibillion dollar merger between the agribusiness giants is set to create the world’s biggest seeds and pesticides company

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Pfizer acquires cancer drug producer

US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer continues to feed its hunger for acquisitions by agreeing to acquire cancer drug producer Medivation for $14bn

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Google buys Orbitera for $100m in a bid to boost its cloud credentials

In an attempt to bolster its position in the increasingly competitive cloud computing space, Google has just completed its acquisition of Orbitera for over $100m

Verizon buys Yahoo for $4.8bn

Yahoo, the fallen giant of the internet age, has been sold to US telecoms firm Verizon

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