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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Why should businesses care about the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things promises both disruption and innovative solutions – what do businesses need to know?

Mobile World Congress 2016: IoT at the peak of people’s expectations

Along with Big Data, the Internet of Things has been one of the most heavily anticipated technology trends, predicted to impact on every sector of society and commerce

This is what the US will look like in 2025

Europe must beat the US and China to 5G

European executives at the Mobile World Congress have called on policymakers to develop a common framework for 5G technology

Cisco to buy IoT firm for $1.4bn

Tech giant Cisco has announced plans to buy Silicon Valley unicorn Jasper Technologies for $1.4bn

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The Internet of Things transforms the shopping experience

The Internet of Things reaches your shopping basket with the arrival of interface-free shopping

Five key industries that will be transformed by the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things looks set to redefine the way we live and work, with repercussions for businesses and consumers at all corners of the globe. Here we look at the repercussions for five key industries

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EU and Japan collaborate on 5G mobile technologies

With the new 5G agreement, the EU joins forces with Japan in a bid to tackle the increasing need for wireless internet and complement current efforts to create a digital single market in Europe

Internet of Things panics regulators

UK and US regulators are becoming increasingly concerned about how to manage the Internet of Things

The smart home revolution is coming

Smart home technology could transform the way we live. But in our efforts to improve home security, we could be sacrificing our personal security

Samsung to invest $100m to advance Internet of Things

Samsung CEO Boo Keun Yoon has pledged $100m to make an open system for its hardware in a bid to hasten the impending Internet of Things revolution