Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Top 5 growth areas for IT spend in 2018

With corporate IT systems set for a spending boost in 2018, we take a look at the main areas businesses will be committing their hard-earned cash to

Taking stock: how IoT is transforming the healthcare sector

The Internet of Things in the healthcare sector isn’t just a tool for capturing patient data more accurately – it also brings the supply chain into a new era that could save lives, as well as vast sums of money

Huawei brings IoT to smart city plans

In a bid to integrate the Internet of Things into smart buildings, Huawei has renewed its links to Honeywell at the world’s largest tech fair – CeBIT 2017

Apple to invest $1bn in SoftBank’s tech fund

Apple is the latest backer to join the SoftBank Vision Fund, which plans to invest $100bn in tech companies worldwide

Smart grids could be the route to a truly renewable energy system

Smart grids are transforming the ways in which suppliers provide energy, but can they change consumer habits?

VWM’s ColiMinder system allows for real-time microbial water monitoring

The ability to measure exact contamination levels in real time means water can be cleaned in a sustainable, low-impact way

Smart kitchens set to revolutionise domestic life

Smart gadgets make life easier. In the kitchen, however, it is how they can make life better, through reducing obesity and waste, that is of greater interest

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Are fashion and digital functionality compatible?

Technology is disruptive and new advances even more so

Consumers want their wearables to be more human-like

What is driving the innovation behind the Internet of Things, and what industries stand to be revolutionised?

Why should businesses care about the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things promises both disruption and innovative solutions – what do businesses need to know?

Mobile World Congress 2016: IoT at the peak of people’s expectations

Along with Big Data, the Internet of Things has been one of the most heavily anticipated technology trends, predicted to impact on every sector of society and commerce

This is what the US will look like in 2025