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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Time is quickly running out for Japan’s transplant tourists

As Japan’s strict transplantation laws and ingrained cultural beliefs keep organ donation rates low, alternative transplant options are emerging

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New fertility treatments could offset the problems of ageing

We may be leaving it later to have children, but our biological clocks wait for no one, making the need for breakthroughs in fertility treatment more urgent than ever

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The Impossible Burger that will revolutionise food-tech

Animal farming is destroying the planet faster than any other pollution source. Plant-based meat substitutes may have arrived just in time to avert disaster

Aquinnah offers new hope for ageing brains

The discovery of stress granules and their role in neurodegenerative disease has opened up new possibilities for the treatment of ALS and Alzheimer’s disease, according to Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals

First successful birth from three-parent method confirmed in Mexico

A Jordanian couple in Mexico has successfully given birth to a healthy child using a new three-parent method, pioneered by a US research team

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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative pledges $3bn to fight diseases

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan launch Chan Zuckerberg Science to “cure, prevent or manage all disease”

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Japan’s Takeda sets aside $15bn for US pharmaceutical acquisitions

Japan’s biggest pharmaceutical company sets its sights on foreign takeovers as it looks to bolster its position in the global drugs market

New public-private transatlantic body aims to boost research into antibiotic resistance

A new US-UK partnership of public and private bodies marks a global effort to tackle antibiotic resistance

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Immuno-oncology could be the new frontier in the fight against cancer

Cancer-therapy companies are buying into the ever-growing market of immunology, developing drugs that could take the industry by storm

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Gold-standard lupus treatment Lupuzor begins phase III trial

Drug developer ImmuPharma successfully raises £8.4m to fund final trial of breakthrough lupus treatment

Overuse of antibiotics could lead to global disaster

Among the wars that blight the world, a quiet threat has risen that is more likely to send us back to the Dark Ages than anything else. We explore antibiotic resistance

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Here’s how diabetes treatment evolved

Thanks to a long thread of research breakthroughs that continues to this day, diabetics now live long and healthy lives

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