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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Start-up raises $3.5m to provide medical insurance to digital nomads

SafetyWing, a Norwegian start-up, has secured a round of seed funding that will enable it to offer a much-needed social safety net to digital freelancers

Horseshoe crabs are being exploited for their life-saving blood

Despite having lived on the planet for more than 450 million years, horseshoe crabs are now under threat. The use of their blood in the biomedical industry is placing additional pressure on already-depleted numbers

Karantis360 and IBM Cloud: Helping people in care live at home for longer

Chief Visionary Officer Helen Dempster tells IBM’s Karen Dewar how the healthtech company is leveraging IBM’s Cloud services

PhenoMx is bringing MRI to the masses

The field of radiology largely focuses on diagnosis, but its applications could be far more wide-ranging if it were used as a preventative tool

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Virtual reality will change how the healthcare sector treats patients

Virtual reality is on the cusp of taking the healthcare sector by storm. With seemingly endless ways to help people with a variety of medical conditions, the virtual world is set to transform the lives of millions

How a pioneering 3D printing technique is revolutionising healthcare

In the early 1980s, a small cup became the world’s first 3D printed object. More than three decades later, and the industry is reaching for the Holy Grail: printed organs

A fairy godmother for research and development in biopharmaceuticals

Only five percent of candidate drugs currently make it through the initial R&D phase. With demand for novel biopharmaceuticals growing, Batavia Biosciences is helping organisations improve their development processes

Biohacking: the controversial trend that’s taking over Silicon Valley

From intermittent fasting and meal-replacement drinks to nootropics, ‘biohacking’ has found favour with the world’s smartest individuals.

PhenoMx: precision medicine offers the future picture of health

Despite holding the potential to vastly improve global wellbeing, precision medicine still plays a limited role in mainstream healthcare. PhenoMx’s medical imaging platform is making precision medicine more accessible

Amazon enters healthcare market with PillPack purchase

Amazon’s acquisition of online pharmacy PillPack has shaken the US healthcare industry and confirmed the company’s dedication to entering the market

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Top 5 healthcare innovations shaping the industry’s future

Despite facing regulatory hurdles, the healthcare sector continues to embrace new technologies that could save lives

Taking stock: how IoT is transforming the healthcare sector

The Internet of Things in the healthcare sector isn’t just a tool for capturing patient data more accurately – it also brings the supply chain into a new era that could save lives, as well as vast sums of money