Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Micro-investing app Stash secures $40m in investments

In a nod towards the growing popularity of non-traditional investment platforms, start-up firm Stash raises $40m

How the $22bn fintech sector can change finance as we know it

Susanne Chishti, CEO of angel investor network FinTech Circle, on financial technology innovation

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Powa down

Details are emerging of what went wrong with Powa Technologies, the failed London fintech start-up that entered administration in February

Square up with first quarterly results

The latest quarterly results suggest payment company Square is having some success moving into business support services

Finovate Europe returns to London

Leading innovators from around the globe will gather in London this month to exchange ideas at 2016’s Finovate Europe

Will fintech kill the bank?

All over the world, people and industries are seeing the dramatic effect of technology. As innovations are developed, new industries, services and business models are also created and financial technology is at the forefront

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Five of the biggest names in fintech

Fintech firms are revolutionising financial services and forcing the industry’s leading powers to rethink their operating models

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Fintech: resupplying the supply chain

How are technological innovations changing the financial landscape, and why are many institutions falling behind?

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