Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Facebook wants you to love, laugh, cry and get angry with new Reactions

The social media giant has introduced a new range of reactions with which users can respond to posts

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India bans Facebook’s Free Basics

Facebook’s plan to provide free internet access to poor communities has been blocked by Indian regulators

Zuckerberg gives away $45bn after daughter’s birth

The birth of his first child has inspired Facebook founder to give away his massive fortune

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The history of the dotcom bubble – and how it could happen again

With tech companies growing at rapid rates, many commentators are worried the industry could be in line for a catastrophic fall – one comparable to the dotcom crash of 2000

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Facebook changes tack with Messenger for Business tool

Facebook has bolstered its online supremacy by offering businesses a tool to vastly improve their customer service capabilities

Facebook at Work is coming to your office

The social network wants more companies to use the work-orientated version of its site

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Facebook reaches one billion users in a day

The world’s largest social network showed that its competitors have a great deal of catching up to do when it revealed that one billion people used Facebook in a single day

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Facebook opens Parisian lab to explore artificial intelligence

The social media giant has established a new AI research team in Paris, as it looks to make good on the EU’s AI research community

Why Ello is not about to replace Facebook

The self-proclaimed ‘anti-Facebook’ Ello has gained considerable traction in the media recently – but we’ve heard it all before

Google beats Facebook to buy drone-makers Titan Aerospace

The company’s latest high-profile acquisition will further the tech giant’s plans to beam internet from drones to rural and underdeveloped areas

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Facebook snaps up WhatsApp: what does this mean for business?

Facebook has acquired WhatsApp for a staggering $19bn, in a deal that weakens the bargaining power of the telecoms industry

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How much money does Mark Zuckerberg donate to charity?

The Facebook founder along with his wife Priscilla Chan have been named America’s leading philanthropists, an unsurprising result considering Silicon Valley’s newfound focus on philanthropic causes