Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Businesses must put cybersecurity at the forefront of decision making

Cyber threats still represent a huge challenge to organisations; it is imperative that they put these at the forefront of their strategical decisions

Researchers attack power grid in order to highlight vulnerabilities

Researchers from New York University have hacked into weakly protected power control devices to demonstrate the vulnerabilities of the world’s power systems and ultimately improve cybersecurity

The oil and gas industry must take cybersecurity seriously

The very nature of the oil, gas and petrochemical industry means it is exceptionally vulnerable to attack, making robust cybersecurity a matter of life and death

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Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner hacked

With only a contact lens and a basic digital camera, hackers have shown the smartphone’s iris scanner can be easily bypassed

Huge cyber-attack spreads worldwide

A ransomware attack of unprecedented scale has swept the globe, crippling businesses, health services and a range of vital infrastructure

Trump signs executive order to boost US cybersecurity

President Trump has signed an executive order to bolster US cyber security following the theft of millions of documents from government agencies

Mastercard unveils biometric payment card

Mastercard will roll out payment cards with fingerprint scanners in South Africa, with trials also planned for Asia Pacific and Europe

UK Government calls for access to encrypted messages

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said intelligence services need access to encrypted messages after last week’s attack in Westminster

China’s cybersecurity law threatens business

China’s introduction of a new cybersecurity law threatens to stifle innovation and harm international business

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How to choose a strong password

With IT professionals and users regularly venting frustrations about them, one might wonder why passwords have endured for so long. It turns out the ageing security measure is not so easily replaced

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Hackers steal data from 500 million Yahoo users

In the largest ever publicly disclosed security breach, Yahoo has admitted that user information from 500 million accounts, including names, emails and unencrypted security questions, has been stolen

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France and Germany call for encryption ban

Amid the ongoing battle with terrorist organisations, EU powers urge the European Commission to ban end-to-end encryption