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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Landmark UN climate report warns of disaster by 2040

The UN’s climate committee has warned that we face a global climate crisis if we continue on our current path. The report also maps out a number of pathways that must be taken to ensure we curb global temperature rises

Developing nations lead the charge in tackling solar radiation

Developing nations stand to suffer the most if climate change isn’t dealt with. As such, scientists from these countries are proposing to invest more in solar geoengineering research

Mongolia bans grain exports as rising temperatures threaten crop production

Mongolian authorities have suspended all grain exports as temperatures climb to their highest levels for 56 years

Geoengineering is an essential bridge to true sustainability

Geoengineering doesn’t have to oppose nature; it can augment and support it, controlling climate change much more quickly and thoroughly than inefficient, expensive renewable energy technologies

Trump confirms US to quit Paris Agreement on climate change

The announcement makes the US one of only three countries in the world to reject the 2015 accord

India eschews coal emissions targets

India’s Power Minister has admitted that upcoming emissions targets will be missed, while coal power plants under construction are likely to undermine Paris Agreement commitments

China announces closure of 104 coal-fired power plants in line with renewables push

China has ordered the closure of 104 coal power plants, in line with a push to meet emissions targets. However, it must tackle unregulated industry to become truly green

As global politics abandons the climate, business is stepping in

In the vacuum created from fragmented global politics, businesses are pouring in billions to stop the earth from warming

Climate causes fall in global wine production

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine have predicted a fall in global wine production this year due to ‘climatic events’

Ingenuity Lab advances to second stage of XPRIZE competition

Canadian science group Ingenuity Lab has broken through to the next stage of the prestigious XPRIZE competition

Agreement reached to limit airline CO2 emissions

Designed to limit the environmental impact of the international aviation industry, an agreement has been made to cap carbon emissions produced from international flights

Paris climate change agreement to officially come into effect

The world’s first global agreement on climate change will legally take effect on November 4 as further nations pledge their commitment

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