Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Sony brings Aibo back from the dead

The revival of Sony’s robotic dog, Aibo, has seen the company re-enter the race to conquer the AI market

Google Street View upgrade embraces artificial intelligence

With the use of artificial intelligence, Google could soon be able to answer queries like: “What’s the name of the pink shop next to the church on the corner?”

DeepMind establishes its first international machine learning lab

Google’s DeepMind is setting up shop in Canada, seeking talent from the artificial intelligence research community at Edmonton’s University of Alberta

GlaxoSmithKline signs $43m deal with AI start-up

Scottish AI start-up Exscientia has signed a lucrative deal with a second pharmaceutical giant, as the benefits of artificial intelligence in drug research become apparent

AlphaGo defeats world Go champion Ke Jie

AlphaGo, the AI created by Alphabet’s DeepMind, has beaten world champion Ke Jie at the ancient game of Go

How are cloud and cognitive strategies evolving?

GM of IBM Europe, Sebastian Krause explains how cognitive cloud strategies are evolving and how they might be utilised by a business.

Artificial intelligence could pose an ‘existential threat’

With investment in artificial intelligence 10 times higher than it was five years ago, the technology needs greater regulation as it risks spiralling out of human control

Apple to invest $1bn in SoftBank’s tech fund

Apple is the latest backer to join the SoftBank Vision Fund, which plans to invest $100bn in tech companies worldwide

Laundry robot to be launched in 2017

A laundry robot named ‘Laundroid’ is set to hit shelves early next year amid a $60m investment from Panasonic

Global tech giants team up to create AI partnership

Artificial intelligence research is set for a monumental boost as the world’s biggest technology companies announce a landmark collaboration

Will humans have a place in the world of artificial intelligence?

The digital revolution is destroying jobs in the old economy faster than new ones are being created. To solve this problem, we will have to overhaul our entire regulatory framework

Google AI defeats Go champion 4-1

Google’s AlphaGo has defeated Go champion Lee Se-dol in a breakthrough moment for artificial intelligence