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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Consumers fight for the right to repair their devices

To fix or to replace was once the choice of the consumer. Over time, manufacturers have chipped away at the ability to repair. Now, independent repair firms and frustrated consumers are fighting to reclaim that right

Softbank raises $1bn from Sharp for $100bn Vision Fund

Electronic hardware firm Sharp has become the latest investor to join the world’s largest private equity fund

India’s march to mobile is about to get dumb

The global ‘dumbphone’ market is forecast to grow 5,000 percent this year, with new devices and rock-bottom prices offering a stepping stone between older models and smartphones

Apple loses its Imagination

Shares in Imagination Technologies fell 70 percent in a single day as Apple cut its ties with the chipmaker

Netflix subscriptions soar as viewers move to internet TV

Netflix gained seven million subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2016, riding on a wave of the ‘big adoption’ of internet TV

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Apple to invest $1bn in SoftBank’s tech fund

Apple is the latest backer to join the SoftBank Vision Fund, which plans to invest $100bn in tech companies worldwide

iPhone sales very slightly defy predictions

Apple’s iPhone sales have proven better than analysts predicted, but the company’s best seller is still on the decline in terms of demand

Pebble cuts 25 percent of staff

The smartwatch maker that popularised wearables is cutting back its workforce as the industry appears to be on unsteady ground

Tech companies back Apple’s battle against the FBI

Tech giants, law professors and NGOs support Apple in its fight against the FBI over the right to privacy

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Five times technology clashed with the law

Regulation has always struggled to keep pace with technology. Here are five of the biggest clashes between lawmen and innovators

Apple is battling the FBI to protect privacy

Having opposed a court order to unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters, Apple continues its battle with the FBI

Apple issues $12bn worth of bonds

Apple contributed to a resurgent bond market this week with the announcement it would sell up to $12bn in corporate bonds

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