Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Amazon set to acquire Whole Foods in $13.7bn deal

Amazon has purchased Whole Foods in a potentially game-changing move into the traditional retail market

Amazon to build new research hub in Cambridge

Amazon has announced plans to build a huge new facility in Cambridge for developing delivery drones and artificial intelligence

Amazon actualises Australian ambitions

Amazon has announced it is bringing its retail service to Australia. The country is both a new market for the company, and its fourth marketplace in the Asia-Pacific region

UPS debuts drone-launching truck

In a vastly different approach to competitors, UPS is looking at how drones can support its drivers instead of replacing them

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Alibaba sets up shop in the physical realm

The future of internet retailers looks a lot like the past, with Alibaba joining Amazon in the move from online shopping to physical locations

Amazon launches innovative virtual conference service Chime

Amazon is attempting to take on Skype for Business with Chime, its latest corporate-focused offering

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Netflix subscriptions soar as viewers move to internet TV

Netflix gained seven million subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2016, riding on a wave of the ‘big adoption’ of internet TV

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Amazon Go’s ‘just walk out’ principle redefines the physical shopping experience

Amazon’s new Amazon Go store experience is simplifying shopping for tech-savvy, time-pressed shoppers

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Amazon executive sheds light on drone delivery programme

The company has laid out plans for its drone delivery system, which could see packages delivered in less than 30 minutes

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Forget the cloud, use humans instead

The rise of sites offering piecemeal freelance work shows the growth of a new class who do not fit into the traditional categories of employment

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Amazon’s Pay Monthly service threatens retail competitors

The world’s largest online retailer is now offering interest-free loans. Competitors should worry about this threat to their high-end business

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Amazon opens its first real store

Despite its continued dominance in the online retail space, Amazon makes an unexpected move to the physical world by opening its first bookshop

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